Giant jenga, micheladas, new shoes.

Once again, it has been a while.  Luckily nothing too interesting has been happening, so my recap will be somewhat short.

Food’s first:

Since I last posted, things have been going pretty well. Aside from some parties on the weekend, I’ve been sticking well to eating lighter and healthier. Even on the weekends, I’ve been cooking dinner, or eating wiser if we go out. Beer has been present, very present, but again only on the weekends.

Running has been going pretty well. I got some great new shoes, Nike Pegasus 33:

After my long slump due to the weather, we had a great 8 mile run on a Sunday. Afterwards, I had a bit of a pulled muscle in my side, so I took it easy. Then, just yesterday, we did 10 miles, with minimal walking, in the thick humidity.

We’ve had people over the last couple of weekends, and just had a great Sunday Funday with our friends, making arrecheras and micheladas.

We’ve also had a birthday in the family! Happy 3rd to my sweet babies!

Now for one last week of high mileage, and then a week of short runs, and then the longest race so far! I’ll see you next time, with hopefully some more interesting events!


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